Hiya, I have a 4 month old lab mix pup and I was thinking of starting raw when he hit 6 months old when his stomach was a little more developed. (Though I’m not sure if that’s smart or not.) I’ve never fed raw, my last dog was fed strictly kibble till she was a senior. Whenever we went on long walks in the park when she was 13, I would give her venison raw bites from Instinct. Any recommendations/literature you would recommend for starting off on a raw diet?

Hi there! Puppies can definitely be fed raw (I know some dogs that have never been on kibble!) you just want to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition especially since they are still growing. You can read some info on starting out for puppies here https://perfectlyrawsome.com/dogs/raw-feeding-puppies/ 

another link with a TON of information esp on starting out is here:


I believe it’s best to start out with chicken, and then slowly start adding organs and red meat after. Some dogs might be picky when starting out on raw and you might have to sear their food a bit (just cooked on the outside) to get them to try it. It also depends on if you are doing PMR or BARF (if you’re buying a premade raw pay attention to the ingredients and maybe choose a chicken one instead). Hope this helps!