What are some of the most common misreadings (…

What are some of the most common misreadings (either due to anthropomorphism or just in general) of behaviours in more common domestic animals that you've seen?

“Look how much that dog loves that baby! They’re best friends.” – When the dog is shut down, giving appeasement signals, being evasive, or trying to escape.

“My pet loves this! They’re fine with it” – When the animal (usually a cat, but sometimes a small dog) is being held in an unnatural / uncomfortable way or a way they just don’t like, or physically manipulated, and is displaying learned helplessness. 

“My animal knows what that cue means! They’ll do it soon.” – As the animal proceeds to completely ignore the person and the cue until it’s been repeated 15 times and then maybe sorta does something similar. 

“My pet runs away from / is scared of [insert thing / person here], they were obviously abused.” – Fear (in reasonable situations) is a basic response for animals, and learning to avoid scary things / things that startle or hurt an animal is normal. Current societal rhetoric has everyone so hyper-alert to animal abuse that they’ve been taught to attribute any type of fear or dislike of certain situations or stimulus to abuse, rather than the wide range of causes that are possible.