Gunner really does not like the Dremel… I’ve backed off for now because right now my focus is getting his nails/quick to just get fricken shorter. They have always been real long and real thick and I think I have to cut them like, I dunno, every week? to make any progress.

I’m wondering, though, are there any hard files that I could use instead?

Trying to use the alternative cut that @dogs-on-logs showed yesterday, he seemed much less bothered than he does with a normal cut. So I’m also wondering if a thick metal hand file would work like a Dremel, but less scary (just more elbow grease on my end but I don’t care).

Do any of you know if that’s an option?

Kilo also hates the Dremel, it’s too noisy and vibrates too much. I clip off as much as I can and then use a PediPaws ( to help trim them down a bit more. It is a lot slower and seems to take forever esp with bigger nails so I usually do a little bit every day but Kilo doesn’t mind that one.