thelazypetowner: So this is Ash, a dog we got …


So this is Ash, a dog we got a the Austin German Shepherd Rescue around last week or so. I haven’t posted some of the dogs I took pictures of in awhile, mostly because of being in Houston last semester and the fact that some dogs aren’t ready for adoption (I don’t post unless they’re up for adoption or already adopted).

Anyway, he was already adopted before he got onto the website, but I wanted to share some of the pictures I took of him anyway. HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL. Guys, I seriously wanted him so badly. Not even going to lie, if I lived alone or we didn’t have Maggie (who is very fear reactive toward others dogs and didn’t really get along with my cousin’s golden retriever when it stayed over for one night), I would have 100% applied for this dog. He was SO SWEET.

I don’t know his backstory, but when we were trying to get him to sit/stay/call him/etc. sometimes he would flinch at loud sounds or movements. My guess was either that he was abused or just yelled at a lot. He was otherwise very calm, easy on leash, and he just kept coming over to me for pets when I was trying to get him to look at me, haha. He was just the sweetest UGH. AND IT DOESN’T HELP THAT HE’S A DARK SABLE (I may or may not… have a very strong preference for those…). I’m partially sad that he got adopted (because I wanted him lol), but I’m glad he got adopted quickly still…

Alas, another dog that got away from me…. I will love him in my heart forever anyway LOL <3

He is beautiful! Love the photos