I talked about this a bit on Instagram but thought I’d ask here too. What do your pups do when it’s coming around dinner time (esp if you are “late”)?

Kilo gives me The Stare and will follow me around, jump to his feet at any sign of me getting up and when he gets really desperate, makes sad whiny/whimpering noises. 

Lola always gets fed in her crate (just by habit now, I leave the door open) and when knows it’s mealtime she will go in her crate and stand there at her dish expectantly. It’s really cute when I open the door to go grab her dish and she’s already standing there waiting haha. 

Myrrah (from @myrrahthescotch) will go over to her dish, hit it with her paw and then look at you expectantly. Or if she’s really hungry she will carry her dish around and try to put it on your lap to feed her. 

Meanwhile our cats always start demanding their food an hour before mealtime lol