So yesterday I took Kilo to a public on leash dog walking trail along with Myrrah and a friend who has a young malamute named Jack. Kilo hadn’t met Jack before but they just sniffed briefly, he wagged his tail and then basically ignored Jack the whole way. I was super pleased with how well behaved Kilo was. No issues pulling, ignored all the other dogs we passed. We even saw a Doberman that used to come to the kennel that was kinda dragging his owner around on a flexi leash. Protip: if someone moves their dog well off the trail when they see you coming, don’t let your dog drag you up to meet their dog (esp when your dog tries to attack their dog) Luckily it only went up to Jack and not Kilo.

After that we went to the pet store while Myrrah got a bath and we wandered around, got some things and Kilo was given several treats from the girls working there. He was so well behaved, waiting patiently until Myrrah was done. It’s so nice to see this improvement since when I first got him I would’ve never taken him to a trail like that or in a pet store that often has other dogs.