Another random question for today: What are some of the breeds commonly seen in your area? 

For around here I see a lot of labs,/lab mixes, shih tzus, shepherds, doodles, mastiffs, bully breed mixes, boxers and small dog mixes (I suck at identifying those). 

Dogs I never see in our area: Sighthounds, Akitas, Beagles, Bloodhound, bull terrier

I might add to this as I can’t think of them all, but not a lot of hounds or hunting dogs in our area in general 

So many shepherds, bullies, huskies, and labs around here!

San Diego, CA: Bully mixes and random mutts. Adoption culture was strong.

Washington: Holy moly German Shepherd central. There’s at least eight in my neighborhood that I’m aware of, three are close neighbors. I see them everywhere though, usually WGSL. Not nearly as many bully mixes, usually purebreds.

lots of labs! Mostly black though, black is very common. Bunch of GSD’s and an unholy amount of bully mixes and CHIHUAHUAS.

Whippets, bully things, Rottweilers, multi-shits, labs, some shep things, kelpies, bc’s, and kelpie-bc’s

Southern part of the North Island, New Zealand: Little white toy poodle mixes. Mixed with anything and everything equally little, usually. You know, Cavoodles and Malti-Poos and their ilk. They’re kind of old people dogs, and I’m living in a region nicknamed God’s Waiting Room because of the number of retirees in the population compared to younger people. So, you know…

Also, Border Collies and Samoyeds. There are a lot of Border Collies and Samoyeds and I don’t know why but they’re disproportionately represented.

Weirdly, dogs I have seen in real life and know are in the community despite their absolute rarity in this part of the world: Groenendael, Tervuren, Black Russian Terrier, Norweigian Elkhound, Finnish Spitz, American Akita, Shiba Inu, Borzoi, Briard, Malamute, Siberian Husky, White Swiss Shepherd (though these may actually just be offbrand GSDs being sold under a false name and I’d have trouble telling)


Border collies and border terriers everywhere!

Fair number of labs and small white fluffs. A surprising number of Dalmatians.

Region Twente, Netherlands;

In urban areas; ALL THE BULLY MIXES, chocolate and a few black labs (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blond lab in my life), chihuahuas, bernese mountain dogs, a few beagles, and some doodles/poodle mixes. A variety of small/toy breeds which i’m not well-versed in. Akitas and shibas seem to be upcoming (oh dear). A few shepherds (GSD, Dutch, Malinois), but not as many as used to. Also not as many mixes where you can’t tell anymore what’s in it.

In more rural areas; mainly medium and large hunting dogs like german shorthaired pointers, stabyhoun, drentsche patrijshond, münsterländer, some setters, rhodesian ridgebacks, as well as viszlas, which seem to be an upcoming breed here. Some shepherds and/or jack russell terriers as yard dogs.

Breeds you don’t see here; nordic/scandinavian breeds, dobermanns & rottweilers are utterly out of fashion (a couple years before you’d see them regularly but no longer), cavalier king charles spaniels are GONE since national press pointed out their health issues are extreme, no american breeds, nothing extremely exotic. Jack Russels seem to be on the decline too.

Interesting to see viszlas come up so much; I’ve only ever seen one around here.

Rottweilers are somewhat common around here though, also Bernese mountain dogs I forgot to mention but I think there’s a breeder around here (almost every time I’ve gone in the pet store with the self groom station I have seen a Bernese oddly)