Another random question for today: What are some of the breeds commonly seen in your area? 

For around here I see a lot of labs,/lab mixes, shih tzus, shepherds, doodles, mastiffs, bully breed mixes, boxers and small dog mixes (I suck at identifying those). 

Dogs I never see in our area: Sighthounds, Akitas, Beagles, Bloodhound, bull terrier

I might add to this as I can’t think of them all, but not a lot of hounds or hunting dogs in our area in general 

So many shepherds, bullies, huskies, and labs around here!

Border collies. Border collie mixes. Mixes of unknown origin that are most likely some part border collie.

We also have an assortment of labs (family sized) and various hunting dogs, a handful of poodles, and some small hairy and/or barky things.

I very rarely see bullies, and although I know at least one exists, I’ve never seen a sighthound round here.

Bully and hound mixes mostly. Some Labs and Lab mixes. Occasionally Shepherds and Huskies, and fat af English Bulldogs. And small, curly white dogs of multiple varieties. Lots of LGDs too

I rarely ever see Goldens, Poodles, or large Doodles. No Sighthounds around here really either

In my local area there’s a lot of mixes: bully, labs, border collie, chihuahua, little fluff types. I’ve seen a fair amount of GSDs, Goldens, and JRTs. Then there’s all the Amish dogs, some of which claim to be purebred AKC but I have my doubts…

The fun ones are the random purebred off-breeds, like Rogue, my co-worker’s mini Schnauzer, a Bernese Mountain Dog we met at the park, and what I’m pretty sure is a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Retrievers up the wazoo. There’s a Chessie, at least two labs and a golden. There’s another one that is possibly a nova Scotian duck tolling retriever. We also have a “we love our shih-zhu family with like 5 of them. And a random airdale.

We have the random Airedale too 😂 but yes, so so many shih tzus