So I’ve been volunteering at a local shelter for 5 years. I’ve seen a lot I well intentioned people come in and say “I want your hardest to adopt dog/cat”

That is NOT fair to the animal. More often than not, somebody before you had said the same thing and returned the animal. A shelter environment is stressful enough without constantly leaving and coming back.

And its great that you want to give a troubled animal a home, but the thing is, most people don’t actually want a hard animal to take care of.

People come on thinking they’re going to be a savior for this animal, only to get in over their heads and have to bring it back.

So think about it… Really really really think about it. You think you’ve decided it’s for you? Think about it again.

Are you sure you want a dog that can never be around other dogs?

Are you sure you want a dog that can’t be around children?

Are you sure you want a dog that is going to need extensive training to prevent marking in the house or being destructive?

Are you sure you want a dog that may never be trusting of strangers?

Are you sure you want a dog that has health issues and will need constant care? Can you afford the care they will need? Can you afford that training?

Don’t go in thinking you’re going to be an animal’s savior of you’re just going to be another person that’s going to abandon them.