After our ride today Kilo was not feeling good. I only took Marari out on a ride and while I was untacking him Kilo was just laying there with his head down like he was sleeping. Which I found odd cause normally we take my mare out for a ride as well so he’s ready to go for another ride (and then some..) He threw up some water and I got him up and his belly looked a bit enlarged again with fluid?

I didn’t notice him drinking water (I always stop him from drinking when we get back from a ride when he’s panting hard) but it seemed like he drank too much water..he was looking a bit lethargic and threw up water again a couple times but after about 15 min or so he was looking better and moving around again. 

His stomach has gone back to normal and he’s more like himself now. Idk it’s just weird. He might have been drinking along the ride since with the snow melting there are streams and big puddles everywhere but normally I notice that sort of thing and don’t let him drink excessively when we’re active.