I had to rush Kilo into the vet today. I started throwing his all today and after a few minutes he laid down and wouldn’t get up. The vet thinks it’s his heart. We did an X-ray and it is slightly enlarged. He sent us home with medication and gave Kilo a steroid shot and we will talk more tomorrow. I can’t believe this is happening 😞

Heart problems could explain his strange abdominal issues that he’s been having… but hopefully it’s just a fluke! You have all my thoughts, hope he will be okay!!!

Yeah that’s what I was thinking :/ idk if it would be normal for the fluid to come and go though? Like on Sunday it just seemed like he drank too much water. He didn’t have any tummy issues today. He hasn’t had any coughing or laboured breathing or anything. After the Feb issue he’s gotten in such good shape and been so active. 

It’s so frustrating. I’ve been doing everything I can to make sure he’s on a super healthy diet, tons of exercise and now this.. I just hope whatever it is we caught it early enough for a good prognosis. It was just so weird today, I started throwing his ball and he was his normal energetic self and then on one of the throws he came back and was just done and didn’t want to get up. Ugh today has just been like a nightmare.