Dogblr, heavy duty beds/kennel pads?

Luna shredded her last bed, that had a water resistant cover on it. I think half had to do to the fact that my brother put her in her kennel without her bone nor kong, as that bed lasted 4 months without her touching it. Now she’s back to bare bottom kennel, which I feel bad, but anyone have any suggestions for a tough bed to fit a 42in kennel?

I was going to go k9 ballistics kennel bad but I think their material is the same as the firehose toys, which she shreds within 20 min and none of the pads are the appropriate size.

I was then thinking of their “deep den” bed, since Luna like to curl up and scratches at the blankets on my bed to get comfortable.

The raised beds I don’t think will be good, since I got a raised bed from K&H and she immediently started digging at the top and biting at the seams.

No blankets, she chews and eats them.

I think it’s a loss, but figured I try? I know there was some kind of kennel pad that was suggested before but I can’t for the life think of it.

EDIT: I found them, Primo Pads. Any other tough bedding suggestions would be great though.

Kuranda dog beds (or ones similar) are supposed to be indestructible..they were used at the kennel and held up great. The more expensive aluminum ones are well worth it (I don’t know if their cheaper ones are as good).