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“The next couple of months I’m helping a friend host barrel races. Like…”

I sympathize…when my mom was in her last three months I was scared to even take a shower for fear she would need me, or worse.( I did shower though ��) Even harder was leaving the house, I restricted my time away for under two hours two days a week. My dad and sis were there, but I was the one that took care of her, and of course wanted to be with her at the end. With Kilo’s condition, it must be so hard making decisions on whether you can leave him. ��

It’s so hard knowing how fast things can happen with this cancer especially with it on his heart. It can change within minutes it seems. With my dad the signs of liver failure were a bit more predictable (as hard as it was to watch, we knew what to watch for, and that after he went into a coma it would be soon) even then we didn’t want to leave. With Kilo, I don’t want to watch him slowly decline that way I would rather put him down once I know he is on his way out. It’s just hard knowing his heart could go at any moment.