Have you witnessed dog with hemangiosarcoma di…

Have you witnessed dog with hemangiosarcoma die… That's why vet would try for less Traumatic passing 😭 I am so sorry… I Would give any thing if I could go back and make that Choice even it meant time shorter with him 😭 I do understand how you feel I am so sorry 😭

I haven’t, but the way my vet described it was when they have a bad bleed the blood flow from extremities and brain slow down/stop so they pass out before they die. Or he said at least that’s what would happen for Kilo’s sake.
However if Kilo starts declining and having more bad days I will make the decision, or if his ascites gets bad because I know how painful that is. I’m still taking it day by day as things can happen so fast. The main thing is I don’t want him to suffer and if he’s not doing well I will make the decision