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replied to your post “Today went well. I went to the…”

That does sound like a lack of compassion, cause like you say, if they just wanted money they would push for procedures etc. They really shouldn’t be in this career field it sounds like. I’m glad you didn’t listen to them!

It’s unfortunate. The first ultrasound Kilo went from, everyone seemed really nice, seemed very professional down to how they had him shaved. This time it was like they did a hack job shaving his side (I’ve even trimmed some of the hair down since they left tufts of hair all over where they shaved; it looked surprisingly awful lol). I had just gone down there for the diagnostics to be done and wasn’t expecting to talk to the vet, and I think she must have gotten pulled away from doing something else so who knows what else was going on. Still not a nice situation to be in, suddenly being faced with being told to put my dog down, when I thought we were just getting the ultrasound done to send to the cardiologist. I didn’t meet with the vet at the last ultrasound either, was just getting it done to send back to specialist.