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Maybe the vet is a little burned out. :/ dealing with stuff like this every day can have a negative effect on people. I am not excusing this since it’s not right that the vet was so pushy towards euthanasia so early. Vets are there to advise a client on their options, not to make the choice for them. I am so sorry that this is happening to you guys. I lost my heart dog a few months ago and its still terrifyingly devastating.

Yeah, I figured she probably sees these cases all the time and knows there is no treatment really, so it probably just seems reasonable to her to put them down instead of spending time and money to spend more time? I know a lot of people hold onto their dogs for too long when the dog is clearly suffering, which I don’t want to do. 

I’m just so used to my vet, who is SO good at explaining everything (even going into detail about procedures I don’t really need to know lol) and giving all options. I’ve just never really dealt with a vet that lacked compassion like that before. She even admitted to being blunt, and I appreciate the honesty but she didn’t even explain things properly. It seemed like I should have had him put down that day, esp after when we were leaving and they had to gurney him out to the car. That little bit of sedation was rough on him I think. But he’s bounced back, back to his happy self. He was only at the clinic for like an hour from us dropping him off, him being sedated, getting the ultrasound and then getting picked up again. The last time he was there we had to wait an extra hour before we could take him home.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your heart dog. I haven’t lost a heart dog before and it is terrifying.