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“Today went well. I went to the holistic vet to pick up the…”

Perhaps that vet is money hungry. Simply horrible. �� I’m glad Kilo is still enjoying doing things he loves, that’s great. It’s hard to think about, but if Kilo died running in a field, or hiking with you, you know he went out happy!

It’s just bizarre cause you’d think she would’ve been convincing me to do the fluid drain there, so they would make money then? It just felt like there was no compassion or understanding why I simply didn’t just euthanize him there and then. I thought I was just being sensitive and bitter because of the dx but now hearing that people have had issues about that clinic before makes me wonder. Like being told their dog is old and not worth spending money to further diagnosis something, and then having their regular vet tell them it’s nothing?? Just seems there is no compassion there I guess?