Hey, can you spare some advice? My 1y6mo GSD…

Hey, can you spare some advice? My 1y6mo GSD can't get along with other dogs, he pulls on his leash and lunges towards them and barks a lot, I've no idea how to train him not to:(

Sounds like how Kilo used to be. In Kilo’s case he would get very excited to see other dogs and being on the leash would cause frustration not being able to go play with them. I can’t give advice over the Internet though and it’s best to get the opinion of a trainer well experienced with german shepherds. They can evaluate your dog and determine why (a fear response, overly excited, etc) and advise or show you what to do and how to work with it.

It seems to be a common issue that shepherd owners deal with so just know you’re not alone 😉 you can do some reading online on dealing with leash aggression and dog reactivity to help get a better understanding but I highly recommend a trainer. It would have saved me a lot of time had I gotten a trainer to begin with. Just be aware not all trainers are created equal and it’s important to get one experienced with the breed.