mygermanshepherd:Kilo’s feet were a bit sore t…


Kilo’s feet were a bit sore today so I rode in the arena where it’s all sand so he could run around and get some exercise. Sometimes I put him in a down stay so he isn’t getting in the way but other times he gets to run around. It does get annoying but It’s really helped Marari get used to him running around so when we’re on the trails he doesn’t get spooked (which has happened and I’ve ended up getting bucked off). I will need to start doing the same with Lola.

Ugh I miss this. I’m too worried about Kilo to take him out on rides now so I haven’t gone riding at all. Even if we just go slow I don’t want to end up being way off in the bushes if Kilo collapses or something 🙁