mygermanshepherd: Thank you so much to those …


Thank you so much to those buying Kilo prints! After the vet appts this week we have spent over 3k at the vet so far. We aren’t doing anymore diagnostics but the supplements and stuff the holistic vet has him on to keep him comfortable and hopefully slow the tumors growth is pricey. So far he is doing well on them so I will do some research to see if I can order it online for a bit cheaper. He seems back to himself now, hasn’t been lethargic or anything, no panting etc. His distended belly has gone down about an inch so hopefully he continues to reabsorb it but it’s not causing him any pain right now. I have allowed him to play more again just don’t want him doing too much right now. Nothing high intensity anyway. We are still taking things day by day, and cherishing every moment ❤️

This photo is now available for print to go towards Kilo’s vet bills here