I’m so glad I was apart of this cancer support group for Kilo the people last night were so helpful. I was really questioning everything thinking I should have put Kilo down earlier to avoid this. But everyone there had so many great suggestions as their dogs had gone through several bleeds before so they could help guide me through it.

One person is even sending me all the YB emergency pills she had saved up.. her dog passed away but she is also in BC and it will hopefully won’t take too long to get here. Only one emergency pill comes per package and I only had one package. I ordered more last night but even with the fastest shipping it’s coming from the states so who knows how long it will take.

He’s not out of the woods yet but I have to hope for the best while expecting the worst. He was having so much fun at the lake and crashed so fast. I feel awful I should have been limiting his swimming. My vet said to let him play and do what he wants. I’ve been trying to go for quality vs quantity. But he’s going to die from this stupid cancer anyway so I wanted him to have an amazing last little bit rather than stuck to his bed when he wants to have fun.