Well the past half hour Kilo has been getting up and moving around though still very wobbly and weak. He started drinking on his own but drank too much too fast and vomited it back up. He heard me getting bones out to make bone broth and was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. Mentally he wants to eat but still feeling sick.

He wanted to go lay in the grass outside but we are keeping all animals in while conservation officers come out to deal with the bear. They think it’s hanging around. It ate poor Turners neck and tried to carry him over the fence 😞 sounds like it was quite gory. My poor neighbours. I hope Marari is ok it must have been traumatizing, he is in the field right next to the minis.

Meanwhile Myrrah and Kona went nuts barking and I look outside to see a deer wandering across our lawn 🙄 casually grazing with another deer. I got some pics at least 🤷‍♀️