Pet Portrait Giveaway


Hey Petblr! I wanna get some pet portrait practice in, and I need some models. So why not give back to the community?

reblog with a photo of your pet, I’m looking for any animal, and I’d like to do a variety of close-ups, full body paintings and more standard “bust” style portraits, so literally any photo that you have on hand will do!

My only condition is that you’re okay with me using the finished painting as advertisement for my pet portraits in the future, and that you have either submissions or DMs open so I can send you a sketch to okay before I start painting. 

Go forth and get posting! 

honestly i have a bajillion kitten photos from when i used to foster but i wont spam with them

Minus me? idk

I have so many photos but I can’t bring myself to go thru them right now. But if anyone wants to practise on any of the hundreds thousands of Kilo on my blog you’re welcome to