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Your vet sounds wonderful…about a year ago we were in the waiting room at Jake’s vet and a woman comes out of the exam room crying and holding her dogs collar. Then she has to walk past all the people with their dogs in the waiting room. It’s like that at the majority of vet’s probably. ��

I think it used to be like that at our clinic. I remember occasionally seeing people in there waiting, I think to pick up their remains and whatnot. They are very good about it now. I would go in to tell them we are here and then my mom would take her dog in the side door to the quiet room so they didn’t actually have to come in the main lobby/waiting area. 

I wish it were possible to get our vets to come do house calls to put them down instead of scheduling the large animal vet and not knowing which one is coming. Our equine vet is great, but I don’t really know the others. There’s a mobile vet fairly localish but I’ve never contacted them to see what they’re like or anything.