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Yep, I hope to never put a pet down at the vet again. I am haunted by the memory of a pet cat that me and my mom took to the vet to be put down, and after my mom settled the bill, we walk past this hallway and I see a vet tech holding our cat still alive! She was alone for too long without us….they had advised we might not want to be present….so we left. Never again. Already had one cat after that one put down at home.

Oh jeez. I’ve had not bad experiences taking them to the vet. But it’s just such an unpleasant trip. They already get scared or stressed being there. When our senior dog had to be put down last year we tried to get a vet to come to our home but the clinic was difficult to deal with about that..we would’ve had to book the large animal vet to do a house call, but if there was an emergency somewhere else they wouldn’t make it out. We were dealing with my grandpa dying at the same time and couldn’t deal with waiting for a vet to come and them end up not making it out at all. 

Just not a nice environment for me to deal with it. At least at home I was able to sit with Kilo for as long as I needed and didn’t have to worry about disturbing others with my crying or anything. Our clinic did a reno recently though so they have a ‘quiet room ‘which is a bigger, quiet room with a couch that is a bit less…clinical feeling? for animals to be euthanized in. Plus it has a side door to go outside and they come to you to pay for it so you don’t have to see other people. It just sucks having to go in that room knowing what it’s for. 

My vet is very good when it comes to putting down animals and very respectful. I’ve had other vets who have struggled to get a vein to give the injection. Or like when our horse was colicing a few years back..the needle thing kept coming out and it was prolonged while she was fighting it and it was so awful and disturbing and not peaceful at all. He’d give her one injection but needed to give another but it ended up taking far too long and ugh it was bad.