Our horse Tessa who is lame with navicular is looking better. Not limping as bad. So we haven’t called the vet out yet. She is eating and doesn’t seem to be suffering and that was without being on bute so we’re just keeping a close eye on her. Especially since that bear is/was so close. A horse limping around is an easy target. 

Tessa actually chases bears though when she’s not sore. She would get the other horses going and charge at them if they came into her field. She actually got swiped by a bear a few years ago on her stifle. (Not bad enough to need stitches or anything. But clear claw marks. I think we have photos somewhere). I kinda wonder if she’s been so sore the past few days because of that aggressive bear hanging around. Maybe she’s been trying to chase it off. Idk.

Her lameness comes and goes but hasn’t gotten bad enough to put her down yet. We’ve had the vet out to look at her to help us decide cause we don’t want her to suffer. Our vet was just out a couple weeks ago and said she looked great, and that once she started losing weight we would know. (Too lame/sore to move around and eat = losing weight = then we know its time basically). But we are constantly checking on her. If she has a day where she runs around too hard on the uneven ground her feet get a bit worse and then she’ll be sore the next day or so. 

Anyway I’m just rambling on. It’s been such an awful week. Barely lost Kilo and we’re having to decide if it’s time to put Tessa down and where to bury her and whatnot. Thank god she was so much better today. But we have a feeling we’ll have to make that decision soon too 🙁