Random memory of Kilo just over a week ago. Possibly TMI

Kilo had a couple of days where he was badly constipated. I probably gave him a bit too much bone to combat his previous loose stools. But anyway one afternoon he kept straining to go poo and I was taking him on short little walks down the trail to help keep things moving. But he was like really constipated. So out of desperation I took a small stick and helped him get the worst of it out (the things we do for our Just needed a tiny bit of help as it was coming, nothing major I wasn’t sticking it up there or anything haha. Fostering kittens for so long has really desensitized me to anything poop related)

 Anyway so that helped and he was finally able to go so when he was done he was SO happy. He bounded up to my sister with his ears all happily back and was bounding all happily towards her in his happy floppy way. The sudden change to pure happiness was so adorable. He probably felt so much better and was so happy to finally have a bowel movement. I wish I had a video of his reaction after.