@twobigears I feel your pain. I saw someone selling some older puppies for $1200 and just out of curiosity I asked about pedigrees. The breeder sent me some names of the grandparents. I’m guessing that means the puppies, and parents, aren’t registered. I’m seeing that so much now with shepherd pups. (I browse Kijiji sometimes when I’m bored but can never last too long cause it infuriates me seeing the prices of non tested dogs)

It’s frustrating seeing non registered byb puppies going for the price that good working pups used to not too long ago. Like my next pup is going to be a companion. I might try dabbling in some sports to see what I like but I can’t see myself doing that in the foreseeable future. It just is starting to feel a bit crazy to be paying 3k+ for a companion. I just want a dog with a stable temperament generally clear of genetic health issues. I understand breeding costs a lot of money and all. I just wish bad breeding wasn’t so rampant that makes quality dogs so rare and expensive.