thelazypetowner: This is Cash, a dog we recent…


This is Cash, a dog we recently got at AGSDR. He looooves ear scratches, and he has a super cute head tilt
(don’t underestimate that, you don’t know how cute it is until you have a dog that doesn’t head tilt…).

It’s also (in my head) officially hit summer here in Texas. We’re going to be 100F+ pretty much all of the end of this week and next.

I’m ready to die. But in other news, it’s kind of giving me the chance to practice my “where did all the shade go” or “lets take pictures in the shade and hope the background isn’t super over exposed because the sun is melting the earth” photos. I think I’ve improved a lot since the first time I had to take pictures in the sun for AGSDR. 😛

Lovely photos