crippledhockwalker:Sorry to be a little inacti…


Sorry to be a little inactive, Rogue has been in and out of the ER for two days and it’s been four since she had an appetite. We’ve ruled out pyometra (at this point) and have tentatively settled on a false pregnancy. She is refusing all food but had no other symptoms until this morning, when she shit straight blood. Back to the ER and saw a diff vet who didn’t even examine her and said to feed her Alpo and Dog Chow. :/ So still no fever, on metronidazole and attempting to feed chicken/rice tomorrow. The first ER vet was wonderful and didn’t nitpick her food or that she was a showline GSD (the second did), and was very thorough in her exam and ultrasound. Thanks Dr. Gold! I’m waiting on a call from my regular vet in the morning; Rogue had diarrhea again but normal coloured liquid instead of blood, at least. Hoping she feels better soon. 🙁

Oh no hope she’s feeling better soon.