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I get so tired of the people who believe that adoption is the ONLY good option. You are not a bad person for getting a puppy from a breeder, it’s so sad that you have to justify your decision to people. :\

Yeah it’s frustrating but people can be so judgmental. I haven’t had to deal with it too much but I have friends that have had to deal with a lot of hate (for things that aren’t even anything..some people are just so negative I guess?) 

Like I’ve been involved in rescue; I’ve fostered for the spca for years. In our area, there aren’t dogs being put down daily for not having homes. We get dogs transferred in from other provinces (or other countries) because there aren’t a lot of homeless dogs here. From what I witnessed when I volunteered/fostered, puppies and dogs in general got a LOT of applications. There was a great pyr mix in once I thought my mom might be interested and found out there were over 50 applications for it. 

Like right now, our shelter has ONE dog up for adoption. The GSD BC rescue has ONE German Shepherd up for adoption (assuming their website is updated..) Even if I wanted to adopt a GSD there are maybe a couple of shepherds in shelters across BC.

When Lola is gone I might consider fostering another GSD in the future (assuming there is a homeless GSD in need of a foster home; I kinda stumbled into her situation) In our area we have a terrible overpopulation of cats, so I would like to get back into fostering kittens again too. Our shelter is legit spaying/neutering peoples cats for free for people right now. We are lucky to not have a dog overpopulation problem but we do have a cat one.