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What you said is true, reputable breeders need to keep producing healthy dogs to keep the breed strong, without pure pups the breed would eventually disappear as we know it.. Someone needs to adopt these ‘pure’ babies too. I don’t blame you at all for trying to get a dog with hopefully a very healthy life ahead of him. Dogs dying young is all too common these days…��

It frustrates me seeing so many breeders carelessly breeding without any sort of health testing or consideration other than ‘looks’. There are so many health issues that are far too common and it’s so easy to screen against them, especially for the prices they are selling pups for. Seeing non tested, byb dogs going for $1200+ (not even getting into the whole designer breeds that go for like $2500 with zero genetic testing).  If you’re selling pups for that much you can at least get their hips/elbows tested at minimum (and having a great grand sire that was a champion doesn’t count). People mistakenly think mixing two breeds together will make the pups healthier but they don’t take into account that if both breeds commonly have hip problems, chances are the pups will too..

It also frustrates me when people look down on breed standards and breeders in general. If there wasn’t a breed standard, the breeds wouldn’t exist. Though I guess it’s becoming sort of a thing now, just breeding whatever you have together and giving it a new name. Idk. 

If there aren’t people breeding for healthy dogs clear of genetic issues dogs are just going to have decreased lifespans and be plagued with health issues imo. I was talking to a very reputable GSD breeder who hasn’t had HSA in her shepherds and has had one of hers even live to the age of 17. I wish that was more common but it’s not.