Year in Review

Despite all the stuff that went on at the kennel I did enjoy the job at the time (getting paid to hike with dogs?? Sounds like a dream job.) Kilo also got a LOT of socializing there and is much better around dogs. I also learned what NOT to do should I ever open a kennel lol… I am just glad Kilo and I both got away from there with minimal injuries.

Kilo also improved a lot with the horses, enough that both him and Lola can come on rides together. Also most recently, Kilo has learned how to go skijoring which has been awesome! We went paddle boarding together for the first time and I hope to do more of that next year too.

This is also the first year Kilo has been 100% on raw. His coat has never looked better and he no longer has any bad smell to him. Not to mention much smaller poops haha. He had to get a tooth pulled and had a dental cleaning (though his teeth weren’t that bad). I am also super relieved to have finally gotten his hips xrayed and now know his hips are good! Also no sign of arthritis anywhere. As he gets older I want to make sure he’s in the best shape possible but I don’t want to overdue it either.

Anyway that’s the major stuff with Kilo that I can remember for now. I don’t know what’s in store for 2018 but I hope to get Kilo hiking more and maybe go on some road trips!

Happy New Year!

If only I’d known…