What were your dog’s original names? Or other name options?

If you know!

River was named Star by her breeder.

Charlie was named Buster by the shelter.

I got to name the rest, but some options for each were:

Timber was very nearly Winter. I didn’t want to use Timber as I had a rat prior with that name, but I’m glad I decided to go with it! Winter doesn’t roll off the tongue that well imo so I’m glad I didn’t keep it.

Luka was Luka from the beginning (from Russian belukha for the beluga as he looked like a little beluga whale as a puppy, which comes from belyi meaning white). It’s perfect.

Loki was almost… Pogo (omg 😂😂😂) or Fields (which I still really like but wouldn’t fit him at all)

Kiba was Grimm for a long time but I just liked Kiba better!

Future possible dog names:

Red husky (unlikely to happen as I’m not a big fan of red huskies but I had this picked out a while just in case) named Brix

Black husky named Cinder

Blue merle Aussie or Dobie named Saia

I haven’t changed any of my dog’s names lmao. Kilo, Lola, Bjorn were all named by previous owners. I would have probably renamed Lola if I’d known she’d be around longer but now she’ll always be Lola to me