I love your reply to pantsthepuppys adopt dont…

I love your reply to pantsthepuppys adopt dont shop post. I had to fly my dog in from Alberta because theres little to no responsible breeders producing what I want here (I can think of 1 honestly and her dogs are nice but I like the breeder I got mine froms better). Everyone breeds their dogs willy nilly or they breed doodles and sell them for 4k a piece.

Yeah it can be hard to find a reputable breeder breeding what you’re looking for. So many people don’t realize everything that goes into producing healthy, stable dogs. Like the misconception that all shepherd’s hips will go as they get older. Like there doesn’t have to be so much of that if people did testing before they bred :/

I’m always browsing the shelters here in BC just out of curiosity. I want to try IPO with Bjorn and getting a dog with longevity in it’s recent family history was very important to me so I looked up soo many breeders across Canada and the states looking for the right one. (Also timing was important too. I’m only part time at my new job which gives me lots of time to train a new pup but it will probably become full time in the future).

Can you imagine a world where everyone did genetic health testing and temperament testing before breeding…and if it was the norm to have healthy, stable dogs live to old ages..It’s hard seeing all those posts on FB where people have no idea what they’re doing, having litters of pups they don’t even know what they are 🙁