PSA: my dogs aren’t perfect



I think something that can make it hard to engage with the dogblr community is that inherently, we use social media to share our successes, highlights, and special moments. Like other success or skill based hobbies, it can be isolating to casual or beginner level enthusiasts. 

When I post a training video, all someone watches sees are the 1-2 minutes that I thought my dog and I were doing our best. Naturally, I edit or simply don’t post parts where my dog isn’t listening, where I mess up my hand signals, where my dog just isn’t getting it, etc. I don’t post about walks where I had to tackle my dog to pry a dead frog out of his mouth. But they happen. 

I don’t post about days where all I do with my dog is walk her twice and crate her with toys so she will just leave me alone for ten goddamn minutes. I don’t post about days where I do the bare minimum. Believe me, those days happen. Fizz alone did about $2,000 worth of damage to an apartment when he was under a year old, so he has that on his permanent list of un-absolvable sins.

Just because someone doesn’t publicize their bad days doesn’t mean they don’t happen, but it can sure look like that from the outside in. 

I just want to take a minute to say for, for everyone who looks at the progress I have made with my dogs and feels their progress is insufficient. 

No matter what level your successes are, I want you to be proud of your progress. No one’s training journey is linear, no one doesn’t have bad days. Embrace yourself for where you are, because we all start somewhere and tiny, inconsistent progress is still progress.

My dogs are far from perfect, and so am I and that is ok