What’s the worst thing your dog has destroyed?

I got this water fountain sent to review for Instagram and Bjorn chewed the cord up. Thank god I already took photos and whatnot of it the day I got it. It’s an easy fix (esp for a family of electricians lmao) but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s a cool fountain so I’m kind of bummed. Bjorn has an obsession with cords and it only takes him like a split second to steal one and chew it up. I had plans to get different/better photos of the fountain but I have to get the cord fixed/replaced first. 

That and shoes. He steals everyone’s shoes. My aunt thought we were having a shoe sale or something with how we had all our shoes put away out of reach on top of the crate lmao. 

We keep a close eye on the pups so anything they steal to chew up we usually catch it right away before damage can be done. Except the fountain cord. It was tiny and stood no chance. 

Bruno ate a pair of prescription glasses, an innumerable amount of shoes, and jumped on (and destroyed) my laptop. Puppies are expensive 😭

Vengeance snuck into the spare bedroom without either of us noticing and ate the jack off of my brother’s $75 pair of headphones. That was a very bad day for this household. 

Why do they always go for the nice expensive things to destroy 

Brovs big fat ass caught expensive-ish headphones and pulled them off the desk. Ripped the cord out.

I know Roar has accidentally destroyed something too but his one “Yup, I ate it.” was a wood coaster from a set with star wars designs I got as a gift.

Thistle decided 3 days of no walkies was ENOUGH and utterly destroyed 3 wooden chairs. The seats, the fame, the legs…they were demolished.

Thyme has more tailored, expensive tastes. He destroyed an iphone.

Team effort: There’s a hole in my brick wall – I think they were after a rat that went through the grating or something. I can’t fathom any other reason for two non-diggers to try and dig through a brick wall

I would cry if he destroyed my phone lol. Bjorn LOVES cords though. I’ve had to replace my phone cord once already…and he chewed my old laptop cord. I probably wont’ ever need it again (I hope lol). Though he’s gotten better this past week or so.