Something I’ve noticed in breed specific groups on FB is people not being accountable for their dog’s training issues. I’ve noticed posts where someone’s dog will escape out of it’s yard and go attack a random passerby or neighbour. The owner never considers getting a trainer or dealing with their dog’s aggression issues, but ‘there must have been something wrong with that person and he could sense it’, or ‘he verbally abused my dog so my dog finally had enough’ (??). Or a dog that lunges and barks at anyone nearby is being ‘protective’. Or that 1 year old GSD that is chewing through all the drywall ‘must hear a mouse in the walls’ and no one considers the dog is bored/under stimulated. 

But anyway. Breed specific groups are always a bit entertaining, if not frustrating at times haha. I’ve seen some pretty bizarre advice given out though.