Seems CBD oil is the new wonder supplement. It will cure everything, its the best thing since sliced bread, why haven’t you given it to everyone from your dog to your children and all the way to your fucking goldfish yet?? Like im sure it has its uses but its not gonna cure everything. Its a supplement, nothing more. It can’t even come from actual cannabis here in the uk, only industrial hemp. Its basically a very expensive hemp oil which i can get in the cooking oil aisle of the supermarket for £4. The uk recently allowed CBD oil provided it comes from industrial hemp and arseholes are trying to cash in on your vulnerability by making wild fucking promises and suggestions. 

I probably said the same shit about turmeric, coconut oil and every other wonder supplement though.

From what I understand (which isn’t much lol) CBD oil isn’t regulated yet so it can be different depending on where you get it. Plus different recipes, ingredients, THC, if it’s hemp, cannabis, etc. If you’re going to get some, make sure it’s from somewhere recommended as it isn’t regulated so no way of knowing what you’re getting.

So it might work for some people depending on if their dog could benefit from it and they had a good product that worked well for them but not others. People just have to be careful on where they source it from (I would suggest consulting with a holistic vet). 

I’m extremely new to it all and there’s so much that goes into it (and so much to learn). It’s a supplement but I would be careful about recommending it as it’s not regulated yet. But yeah it’s def the new ‘coconut oil/turmeric’ it seems, and the go to recommendation to pretty much any health issue esp on FB lol.