@justpitties I do know the benefits of it; it helped my dad with the pain from dying of liver failure. I work in a pet store that is focused on pet nutrition (and sells hemp oil/treats) but it’s iffy on finding brands that are legit when it’s not regulated.

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding on my part. I wish I had gotten Kilo on it sooner (he was only on it for less than a week before he died). It’s helped Lola settle down and be in a calmer state of mind. It will just be nice if/when there is more research done so it won’t just seem like another health fad or have a bad stigma about it.

@justpitties I was lucky with Kilo in a sense that he wasn’t in a lot of pain when he died; his ascites wasn’t at the point of being painful for him. My vet said when he has a bleed and dies it would be one of the more peaceful ways (as usually the blood flow to the brain goes first so they pass out). I do wish I had him on it sooner for any discomfort and the cancer fighting properties but I can’t change it now. He was himself up until the moment he had a bleed which he became very lethargic.

I am lucky to not currently be dealing with pain issues so I haven’t tried it (yet) but I’ve seen first hand how it helps. My main concern about it rn is if people are not getting it from a good source the product probably won’t be as effective. Plus with other recipes or ratios of it but no studies done it’s hard to know what is best for your situation. (Some people might just go online and get the cheapest stuff they can find for example, which is why I always recommend to people to go to an actual medical dispensary or do research into the brand).