When I first got Bjorn I was a little worried he would end up looking like Kilo and that would make it hard. I didn’t set out with the intention of getting another bicolor pup (and was hemming and hawing about a pup from another breeder I was looking at) but something about Bjorn spoke to me, I think in his expression. The other litters were of fantastic breeding and there was no logical explanation on why I passed on them apart from I felt really conflicted at the time. Maybe it seems a bit silly, but I felt like I should have a feeling about it, ya know? Then I was feeling worried that with my indecisiveness I wouldn’t ever fully decide on a breeder/litter. 

I’m so so glad I decided to get Bjorn and that the breeder thought he would make a good fit for me. Now that I’ve had him for some time and started to bond with him and get to know his personality (he is so eager and full of life and has such a strong personality) I know I will be okay with not seeing him as a Kilo replacement or anything. Maybe it’s hard to explain, but even though he’s the same colour Kilo was, his personality makes him seem so different. 

Anyway /randomthoughts. I’ve noticed on Instagram a lot of newer followers mistake Bjorn for Kilo which makes for some awkward corrections when they don’t realize Kilo has died (or they just don’t realize Kilo has died and message me to say hi to Kilo 🙁 ) I realize in photos they must look quite similar though their head shape will be different when Bjorn matures. Sometimes Bjorn does something that reminds me of Kilo, but it’s more of a fond memory at least and doesn’t hurt as much. I miss Kilo so much and it’s still hard to watch old videos of him but I’m really glad I got Bjorn when I did. It’s helped give me something to focus on every day and more so long term.