replied to your post
“What do you do/plan to do with your dogs gear if they have passed…”

I put their collars around the neck of their urns.

I donated usable harnesses, special foods, leftover meds (you can do this via a vet), anything that could be used by a rescue.

I couldn’t, just couldn’t, use the gear for another dog. But that’s me–it would hurt to see it, and think of my absent friend. I am sure some people could look at gear, and have happy memories. I admire such fortitude.

That’s very generous of you. I can’t afford to buy all new gear right now 🙁 I will try to remember to take Kilo’s old heart medication back to the vet. The holistic stuff I also had him on before he died is going towards Lola. I did send the emergency red pills  (yuunan baiyao) to the next person in need since I don’t think Lola’s at risk of having a bleed right now.

I don’t mind using his old leash or stuff like that. It makes me think of him when I see it, and brings back that familiar feeling of how it was when he was still with me. It was hard at first though. After he died I saw Kona playing with his toy and I almost cried and had to take it away from her cause it was the one toy that really reminded me of him.