@doomspaniels haha no worries I do that too! Sometimes I wish I had more dog gear (I didn’t really have a main collar for Kilo over the years) but I was always like “I already have a perfectly good collar why spend money on new ones”. That was before I was on Instagram or working in a pet store where I’m constantly surrounded by cool new dog gear I want to buy 😂

Srsly it’s the worst on slow days at the store cause I’m constantly seeing things like “hmm I could use this for Bjorn..” but I’m holding off on buying stuff until Bjorn is older and fully grown. But the struggle is real esp when we get in new stuff 😅

Whoops now I’m rambling. Anyway it’s cool seeing what other people do with their collars and such. I’ve seen some people that frame their collar next to their ashes or something. I would do something like that if I had had a main collar for Kilo. I guess I could with the one he wore the most.