Lola went on her first big hike today! We did …

Lola went on her first big hike today! We did Abbot Ridge in Glacier National Park. It took us 8 hours and was around 13km. Most of it was very steep and strenuous but the views were so worth it. We were at the top of a ridge with a full 360 view of the mountains and glaciers around us. It was 4 hours straight uphill with a lot of steep sections so we all got a good workout! I packed four water bottles and ended up running out so I will have to pack more next time (also a lunch for poor Lola, it was hard work and I ended up giving her some of my sandwich at the top to help refuel her for the way back 😳)
The tall mountain in the back is Sir Donald and the glacier is Asulkan Glacier. Many years ago I hiked the Glacier Crest trail and saw that Glacier a bit closer.
I’m happy with how good Lola did. She was a bit tired heading back but didn’t slow down at all. I thought she would come home and pass out but nope, she still seemed her normal ready to go self. Can’t wait till Bjorn is old enough to take hiking too!