After taking Lola on this hike I have a few …

After taking Lola on this hike I have a few tips for those looking to take their dog on long hikes

  • Boots for your dog are needed in extremely rocky terrain such as above especially if the trail is mostly rock. I removed Lola’s boots if she went in any water so she didn’t get sores from rubbing. Boot liners and socks are a must! Kilo got bad sores on his feet when he didn’t have liners in.
  • Bring lots of poop bags. In the back country you haul out what you brought in including garbage. Look up the local ‘laws’ to bringing your dog on the trail you are going on in regards to picking up/burying poop.
  •  Check for bear warnings and always keep your dog on leash. Bear encounters often happen if a dog harasses a bear and dogs often get killed this way (or run back to their owner with the bear chasing them). No long lines or flexi leads; keep your dogs close.
  • Dehydrated raw is a good light weight option to carry for your dog. Bring lots of water if there’s no water source along the trail and if there is a stream/lake bring a water filter.
  • I used a ruffwear front range harness on Lola for the climb up and a prong collar for the way down. Carrying a heavy pack down a a steep rocky incline with a pulling dog can be dangerous. I highly recommend having a pack for your dog so they can carry their own food/poop/collapsible water bowl
  • Keep your dog on leash! When in the backcountry you should always stick to the trails (the more people go off trail the more risk of damaging wildflowers and such. Remember to Leave No Trace! That includes picking up or burying your dog poop. Don’t leave your dog poop on trails for other hikers to deal with and letting your dog run off trail to poop risks them running into/disturbing wildlife. Keep your dog under control!