Your posts about those silly dog training Face…

Your posts about those silly dog training Facebook groups make me worry a little. As someone who has a passing interest in German Shepherds and would consider adopting one in the future, do you know anywhere I could be directed to for accurate information on their proper training and care? (Sorry if this is presumptuous of me, feel free to ignore if this ask is annoying to you)

I would generally avoid any ‘big’ group (the ones I’m in have 100-200k members) unless you’re just there to look at photos of other dogs. 

 It might depend on the area you’re in but there are groups for responsible breeding/how to find responsible breeders (I’m in one for Western Canada but there’s probably more depending on where you are). It’s geared for all breeds but lots of GSD breeders/members there.

Another good GSD group I’ve joined is called ‘We’re fit not fat, remember that (gsd)’ focused mostly on fitness and keeping GSD’s healthy 

A lot of the groups tend to lean heavily one way or another in regards to training. Either purely positive, or balanced training. It depends on what you’re looking for. I don’t join groups for training info since everyone seems to have a certain standard for what they think is acceptable so you get a lot of different opinions and misinformation (but could be helpful if you’re stuck and looking for different views)

One resource I used a lot over the past years is the GSD forums by lurking and reading threads there. You sort of have to take away from groups/forums what you can; there will always be people disagreeing, or have strong opinions and everyone has different beliefs when it comes to dog training/care but there are some knowledgeable breeders on there and it’s more anti backyard breeder/puppy mill. Pedigree Database might be of some help though it doesn’t seem as active 

Dog Health Issues (on FB) I found fairly helpful when discussing with other members what to ask my vet about Kilo when he was sick. 

Sorry I’m not a lot of help! I haven’t really found general GSD groups that are really good, apart from the fitness one above. I don’t join a lot on FB and it’s mostly for interesting things to read (IE entertainment and to keep up with dog issues in the news) I’ve found Instagram a lot less drama filled than FB if you’re in the GSD community but it can be hard to find people to follow if you’re new to it. But it can give you info on the day to day life with a GSD and I’ve found people on there very helpful if you have questions.

Perhaps my followers can help recommend some?