Today the dogs got to try something new. The…

Today the dogs got to try something new. These treats by @eastwestbioscience are made with hemp protein and crickets. Yup, the insects. Crickets provide 65% protein, Omega fatty acids and an optimal Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. Both dogs and cats eat insects naturally and adding them to food/treats is something I’ve only recently been learning about and very intrigued with. Crickets for example are a very sustainable food source with less impact on the environment and also have a high nutritional profile.

Hemp also contains protein and contains natural dietary fibre as well as essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Hemp is also an economical option as it requires less water than most crops and is naturally resilient to most pests. For these treats the hemp is extracted from whole seeds which is then grounded into flour and extracted as a protein. For those new to hemp, it doesn’t contain THC so your pets don’t get high from it. Hemp also helps support a healthy immune system + skin and coat and contains anti inflammatory properties to help with joint pain.

We tried the Slim’Dog treats and the dogs loved them. If I had the bag out they were crowding around me. One thing I noticed about the treats is how light they are, which makes it a great option for backpacking trips. They were also made in little heart shapes and didn’t crumble apart (there’s no ‘ick’ factor of bugs as it’s all ground up, for those like myself who don’t like bugs lol). As it doesn’t contain meat, it makes a great option for treats if you’re dealing with certain intolerances to food or allergies. It’s definitely something I’d recommend especially when dealing with those issues. I also love that it’s made locally here in BC!

If you wanna try it out you can use kilo10 to get 10% off;  their website is here