There were many times on this hike I thought…

There were many times on this hike I thought of Kilo and wished so badly he could be standing next to me up there. One of my regrets is not taking him on more hikes like this. We did lots of hiking on the trails around here but only made it to the Rockies a couple of times and didn’t do any hikes in the mountains with him.
I am so glad Lola could come along. She looked SO happy when we loaded her up in the jeep that morning. She doesn’t get to come along on as many adventures; mostly with her issues with other dogs but it’s something I will work on and get her out more. Kilo was reactive towards other dogs and a reason why we didn’t go on as many trips. If only I had known what I know now on working with him past it, we could have done so much 💔
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