Bjorn had an accident in my mom’s room. No big deal, I easily cleaned up the poop, knowing it was my fault for not taking him out sooner. 

Then as I’m washing my hands I hear a strange noise. Look down and see Bjorn peeing on Keena’s cooling mat. Appalled, I start quickly cleaning that up (it’s in the bathroom by the toilet so easy to quickly clean up). Annoyed at myself for not taking him out right away.

Then the toilet gets plugged. I’m rushing around to get the plunger and hoping it doesn’t overflow and create a huge mess. Use the plunger and get it fixed.

Return to cleaning up pee spot. Bjorn tries to join me in the bathroom and knocks over the water dish spilling water everywhere. Stands there with a happy expression while I’m trying to get him out of the bathroom so I can clean up.

The joys of puppyhood. Lol.