replied to your photo “There were many times on this hike I thought of Kilo and wished so…”

So any tips you can share on controlling reaction to other dogs? I have GSD who can’t seem to abide other dogs. She’s a rescue so I figured bad experience at the pound.

How old is she? Seems a common issue among GSD’s especially young. It helps to evaluate and figure out the cause of it (usually it’s fear).  Something I did with Kilo was to keep him at a distance within his threshold where he could see other dogs but could still focus on me and would work on training and over time closing that gap. It also helped getting him out often as he was worse if he was kept at home and not exposed to it. Kilo was young at the time and got very excited about playing with other dogs, which turned into leash aggression and then kept worse as his previous owners started keeping him at home when it started so every time he saw another dog it was a huge deal.

It’s best to work with a trainer for this sort of thing so they can evaluate your dog and figure out the best way to work with them. If you don’t have a trainer I would look for one experienced in the breed. I could’ve saved myself a lot of time had I gotten a trainer earlier since I sorta figured it out on my own lol.